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  • Long-time Milk Donor featured in eBella Magazine

    Long-time Milk Donor featured in eBella Magazine

    “I think my greatest legacy will be raising my two boys to not only be respectful of women, but to also be a supporter of and advocate for women.”

  • A Mother’s Miracle

    A Mother’s Miracle

    Kailey wants her family’s story to be told, and hopes it will help other Moms dealing with the life-changing experience of caring for a medically fragile baby. “This is a chance to make a difference. You can save a life.”

  • The Miracle of Carey Hill

    The Miracle of Carey Hill

    “NICU’s are places of tremendous hope. These patients have so much going for them. Be open to learning about medicine, the team, and about the child. Be active in patient care and as an advocate and voice.”

  • In Solidarity

    In Solidarity

    I wanted to personally take a moment to let the milk bank community know that my time at Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida is coming to an end.

  • Dear Maria and Amy,

    Dear Maria and Amy,

    [An open letter to a milk donor and recipient family.]

  • “Today your milk went to save…”

    “Today your milk went to save…”

    “Yet in a moment of desperation, I felt completely surrounded by women. Women, that I don’t even know, making a sacrifice to help my daughter, a child who they’ve never met with a story that they’ve never heard. That’s powerful. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

  • Secret Santa: A Tale of Donating Milk

    Secret Santa: A Tale of Donating Milk

    From all of us here at the milk bank, thank you to the families that shared their liquid gold in 2017. There was no greater gift you could have given.

  • Pumping for Others

    Pumping for Others

    Behind every donation, there is a story. This is Samantha’s.  Samantha tried for three months to get her first baby, Ethan, to breastfeed, but was unsuccessful. She was in excruciating pain when she tried and though she met with six lactation consultants, Ethan would not latch. She pumped and bottle fed for the next five…

  • The Triple Threat: Mom, Donor, and Milk Tech

    The Triple Threat: Mom, Donor, and Milk Tech

      How does one woman find herself spending a year helping to develop the first human milk lab in Southwest Florida? Why does she join the Lee County Breastfeeding Coalition in her little free time? How does milk become her mission? In a 64 bed NICU, Beth Futral sees baby after baby. She herself acts…

  • Innovations to Milk Banking

    Innovations to Milk Banking

    Exciting innovations are coming to The Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida. Just a month after receiving an annual accreditation, we are adding another new feature. We pride ourselves on constantly pushing the envelope to be more efficient, sustainable, and safe, and we received great reviews by Kim, visiting from our mentor bank in Texas. A…