Mothers’ Milk Bank of Florida
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Do you want to donate your surplus milk to help a sick or fragile infant?


Moms from all over the US and Canada can donate their extra milk to help save premature and sick infants. Even if there isn't a non-profit bank in your city you can contact the bank closest to you and inquire about having your milk shipped to the bank. All costs of screening and shipping are covered by the receiving bank.


All donors to HMBANA member milk banks undergo a screening process that begins with a short interview over the telephone. Donor mothers are women who are currently lactating and have surplus milk. Donor mothers must be:

* In good general health and willing to undergo a blood test (at the milk bank's expense)

* Not regularly using medication or herbal supplements (with the exception of progestin-only birth control pills or injections, Synthroid, insulin, pre-natal vitamins; for other exceptions, please contact a milk bank for more information)

* Willing to donate at least 100 ounces of milk; some banks have a higher minimum

A woman would not be a suitable donor if:


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